Monday Breakfast

I woke up this morning feeling well rested (jk, I never feel well rested) and made my usual delicious breakfast. I like to change it up, & today I was feeling cinnamon roll waffles. I figured I needed some protein to get through this dreadful Monday, so I scrambled one egg. I also had half a peach, but I only had it because my plate looked way too empty without it. Obviously, I had my usual black coffee for some extra oomph this morning. Here’s what you need!


  • One brown egg
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough and icing
  • Half a peach
  • Cooking spray- olive oil & non-olive oil
  • Hot sauce- optional


I scrambled my egg with a dash of milk and salt and pepper to taste. Spray the pan enough so the eggs don’t stick. While that was cooking, I put the cinnamon roll dough into my super cute mini waffle maker. Make sure you spray it with a non-olive oil based cooking spray. I use PAM.

Cook the cinnamon roll waffle until it’s golden brown and carefully remove it from the waffle maker. Ice it with however much icing makes you happy. You deserve it, it’s Monday. I topped my eggs with some Red’s hot sauce to spice things up (literally). Complete your plate with half a peach- I leave the skin on, ’cause *most* things are better with skin (lol). There you have it- Nicki’s Monday breakfast. Side-note: I didn’t taste a peach until like a week ago. They’re pretty good.

My coffee of choice is Starbucks Breakfast Blend. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I usually just add two organic cane sugar packets. If you want something sweeter without the creamer (kind of rhymes, right?), sprinkle on some cinnamon and stir it in.


Easy peasy! You have no excuse not to eat breakfast- it’s the most important meal of the day for a reason! Give yourself the energy you need on a Monday & #eatwithme. In case you’re wondering where my adorable mug is from, I bought it yesterday at Forever 21. Their new home collection is so cute! Make sure you check it out here.

Happy Mondaying,

Nicki G.

Food Spots

Threefold Cafe

I had been wanting to try this spot out for a while- but always forgot about it when the famous question, “Where do you wanna eat?” was asked. Luckily, when I suggested a Friday brunch to my mom, she found Threefold Cafe online and we quickly made plans.

The place is quaint and adorable and I’ll definitely be back to try more menu items. I visited their South Miami location- but there’s another one in Coral Gables. I started my dining experience with a classic cold brew (obvs). I didn’t add any cream or sugar and it was perfect to taste. It also comes served in a mason jar- so cute! I ordered the Anyway Eggs which, as the name implies, is two eggs anyway (I went with over-easy) served over some Zak the Baker (yum!) bread. My mom had the Smashed Avo which maaay have given my avocado toast a run for it’s money. It was enormous (but delicious). We also indulged in some Little Kid Waffles for dessert (you can have dessert with breakfast, right?) which were bomb.

Overall I definitely recommend this place if you want a casual, yet super cute breakfast spot. It’s moderately priced and great for a date (whether it’s with your boo or your mom). Check out some pics I took!

image1 2
Cold Brew
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Anyway Eggs
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Smashed Avo
Little Kid Waffles

Happy brunching!

Nicki G.


Coffee, Wine, & Sunshine

Coffee, wine, and sunshine. Just a few things I need to get through the weeks. Like a lot of you, I can’t survive a day without a cup of coffee in the morning. I know, I know, coffee isn’t the best source of energy, but I can’t seem to make the switch to matcha yet. My cute coffee mugs help me get through the mornings (and I guess the caffeine does, too) & they make for a #trendy picture. I also drink my coffee black, which makes me a little more of a bad b*tch (kidding…ish), & cuts out a ton of unnecessary calories. Life hack?

And wine? Yes, please. What helps you relax after a stressful day of school and work? Wine. What goes great with popcorn and a good movie? Wine. What helps you feel better after you fail an exam you studied so hard for (ok fine, only the night before)? Wine. You can’t ever go wrong, and there are so many different varieties to bless your pallet with.

This summer’s fad: Rosé. You see it everywhere. If you follow @thefatjewish and @babewalker on Instagram, you’re definitely familiar with the Rosé empire they’ve built the past few years. I also stumbled upon a website that delivers unique (and extremely trendy) bottles of wine right to your doorstep, Winc. I tried it out for myself and was totally hooked. Choose from whites, reds, rosés, and a ton of different blends. I have my bottle of Summer Water Rosé waiting in my fridge for the perfect occasion, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it tastes. Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.07.08 AM

Speaking of summer, let’s talk about the big star in the sky. As a resident of the sunny Sunshine State, Vitamin D is a must. The beautiful beaches of Miami, Fl, or your friend’s pool that might as well be a part of a hotel on the beach, are great ways to get outdoors and soak up some rays. If you don’t have any friends who have pools, go make some. Summertime is all about getting a bomb tan and spending time outside. Don’t forget to lather up in some SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays- I’m currently paying the price of a bad sunburn. No really, I look like a tomato.


Stay hydrated during these major heat waves (and obviously rock a cute pair of sunnies)! Literally everything goes wrong once you’re dehydrated. Everything. Trust me, I’m almost a nurse.

Have a kick ass day,

Nicki G