Eat With Me

I’ve recently gotten really into food and eating right. I’m a pescatarian (like a vegetarian, but I eat fish), and I love trying new things. If you knew me when I was little, you probably think I’m crazy considering the only thing I ate for a good ten years was chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Well, its 2017 so anything is possible, and I now love vegetables, soy protein substitutes, and obviously sushi.

Eat With Me is my page on my home recipes and new food spots I find all over and under. I try to eat healthily, but that doesn’t mean I don’t indulge every once in a while. I’m an advocate for good coffee, all things avocado, and wine. Let me know if you try any of my recipes or if you discover a restaurant IĀ need to try. Tag #eatwithme on any food pictures on Instagram so I know where all the cool kids are munching.

Happy Eating!

Nicki G.