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Happy Sunday! I hope you all have had a great day. I wanted to share some current wellness faves that I’ve been into lately. Wellness has a different meaning for everyone; I like to think of it as things or lifestyle choices that make me feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. Wholesome wellness is something I’ve been striving for lately, and these are just some little things that I feel help me get there.

Beast Blender

I got a Beast Blender a few months ago and let me just say- I love it. Smoothies are a great and delicious way to incorporate supplements, fruits, and veggies into your diet. On top of being a great blender, it’s extremely aesthetically pleasing so you won’t mind leaving it out on your countertop.

The Blonde Files Podcast

I recently stumbled across this podcast and I’ve loved adding it to my podcast rotation. Arielle Lorre talks about all things wellness and optimizing your well-being. I started listening to podcasts when I started my job that requires a 45 minute commute (each way). I’ve found that listening to conversations versus music makes me feel better and less stressed or overstimulated. Some other podcasts I enjoy listening to are The Morning Toast, It’s Me, Tinx, Giggly Squad, and Not Skinny But Not Fat.


I try to continuously do research on what the best supplements to be taking are. I 100% recommend everyone take a daily Vitamin D supplement. Most Americans are deficient, and low levels can lead to fatigue, weakness, poor bone health, and even depression. I also started taking this probiotic that has ashwagandha in it to promote a balanced mood. Instead of taking melatonin (which is a hormone) that eventually depletes your body’s natural production of it, I take CBD for a good night’s sleep. I use these soft-gels or these drops. You can use code NICKI20 for a discount on the drops if you want to try them out.


This one is pretty self explanatory as to why it’s a wellness fave, but I had to mention it. Starting weekly therapy sessions has been so helpful for my overall mental health (and sanity). There are so many different ways to see a therapist these days (online, in-person, phone calls, etc) and I highly recommend going. Don’t be discouraged if the first therapist you see doesn’t feel right for you; sometimes you have to shop around. Online resources like Psychology Today are great for finding providers in your area that are accepted by your insurance, taking new clients, and of different specialties.


Rich Mom Walks, a term coined by the online queen herself, Tinx, are walks you take either outside or on the treadmill to de-stress, exercise, or anything you need them for. While I started walking outside during the pandemic and didn’t think much of it, I now enjoy calling my walks “RMWs” and they’re way more fun. I listen to podcasts when I walk and it’s honestly so therapeutic. I’m not rich, and I’m not a mom, but these walks are honestly the best thing ever.

Dry Brushing

You know those little bumps you get on the backs of your arms and/or thighs? That’s called keratosis pilaris and it’s always driven me crazy. My anxiety was driving me to pick at it and I was leaving marks all over my arms and legs. Using a dry brush to exfoliate before showering and this La Roche Posay moisturizer afterwards has improved my skin so much! The bumps are pretty much all gone.

I’d love to hear what things you guys like to do/use to promote wellness in your daily lives. Cutting back on my alcohol intake has also helped me feel so much better overall. I sleep way better and not waking up hungover is literally the best feeling. I’ve become a sparkling water girly. Fancy, I know. I hope you all had a wonderful, restful Sunday. I wish you a great week ahead and a good night’s sleep tonight.



P.S. Go Heat!!

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