My Must-Haves For A Smooth Shift

Good morning my beautiful readers! I hope March has been treating you all well. For those of you who are new here, let me re-introduce myself: my name is Nicki and I’m a pediatric registered nurse. I currently work in a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, so I take care of little kids with all kinds of heart problems, including those who need heart transplants. Before this, I worked in an adult cardiac floor for over a year and a half. I also recently started my master’s degree, so I’m currently working full-time and going to school part-time. I work day shift now, but I used to be a night owl and work the night shift. I’ll write a post in a few weeks talking about the pros and cons of each.

I wanted to share some of my nursing must-haves that really help me get through my shift. Most can be found on Amazon! Click on the items below to shop!

(Phone and tablet users, click embedded link above for graphic with direct link to products)

I like wearing my hair in clips to keep it out of my face, and they’re more comfortable than ponytail holders for long hours. The OnCloud Cloudnova sneakers are my new obsession– they’re so comfy for the long shifts on my feet. I’ve also influenced about six co-workers on my unit and a ton of other people outside of work to get a pair, so to the OnCloud PR/Social Team: I’m open for collabs. Seriously, I influenced a ton of sales for you. I pair them with compression socks which are 100% necessary since I’m on my feet so much throughout the day. They help promote lymph and blood movement back up our legs to prevent stasis and varicose veins.

My erasable pens are great for updating my report sheet/brain, and the mini Sharpies are a must for labeling things throughout the shift. It’s easy to hang right on your badge.

Lastly, the Figs fleece jacket. Hear me out: I know it’s expensive, but it’s so worth it for the freezing hospital hallways. Ask for it as a gift! Or splurge after your next paycheck; either way it’s definitely worth every penny. I can’t recommend it enough. Size up if you want a bigger, cozier fit.

The rest of the things are some basics I think everyone should have for every shift! I’ve been able to pack an entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my Kipling Graham Lunchbox, so I really like it. I also love my wide-mouth Hydroflask because it’s easy to fill up with the hospital water/ice machines. It also serves as my emotional support water bottle, so it’s a win-win. Shop the straw lid here.

Let me know what some of your shift must-haves are below, and always remember to connect with me on Instagram!

Much love,

Nurse Nicki

P.S.: Use code NICKI10 to save 10% on your Stoggles order!

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  1. Love you Nurse Nicki. You are the best!

    Madeleine D. Longaray, P.A.


    8360 West Flagler St. #203

    Miami, Fl 33144

    (305) 553-9801 – tel

    (305) 552-5151 – fax

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