The Internet Is SO Exhausting

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Yes, I realize I sound like an old lady who can’t keep up with technology, but it’s so true. Up until last week or so, I had deleted the Instagram app off of my phone for like three weeks, and I realized I hadn’t felt that at-peace in so long. Did my mom find out about my friend’s engagement before I did? Yes, but I eventually found out when Paul Revere showed up on his horse and told me. The constant checking in on people’s lives and posting about my own life is so draining and I need a break. There’s this constant pressure to post your every move and every bite of food you’re eating and I’m just so over it (for now, who knows how I’ll feel a month from now).

Celebrities and their stupid, pointless drama are another thing adding to my internet frustration. Do you guys know how many times this week I heard or read about the Chrissy Teagan and Michael Costello drama? At least 100. It was just non stop back and forth he-said-she-said. Chrissy, take a moment to apologize for your actions and then get off the internet for a bit. You can’t be the queen of calling people out when you’ve said some mean shit to people yourself. That leads us to “cancel culture” (it seems like all roads lead to cancel culture these days). We need to stop trying to “cancel” people! We have all said and done mean or bad things that we regret. That doesn’t make any of it ok, but life goes on and you learn. No one is the same person they were five or ten years ago. Why try to cancel someone when you know they’ll just come for you next? It’s an endless cycle of online bullying and slander that really has no positive effect on the world. Change isn’t made from ruining people’s careers, it’s made when people actually want to change and better themselves and put in the work to do so.

Then, no more than five minutes pass and all the hollywood news outlets are reporting that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian again. If I’m exhausted of hearing about this, I can’t even imagine how Khloe feels. I’m all about trying to keep a family together, but at what point is enough, enough? Tristan, you’re trash and you clearly have no self control. Shame on you. I feel the stress in every single one of my hair follicles and I don’t even know these people. I keep scrolling a little bit more and I see an article, yes a whole article, on how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent Father’s Day. Does anyone actually care? Who is writing these articles?! Can you tell I’m borderline about to have a nervous breakdown?

Point is, the internet is fucking exhausting. Instagram sucks and it’s bad for your mental health. I know, I never thought I’d be saying those words either, but I couldn’t be more adamant about that right now. There’s barely anything productive on that app, and everyone is so fake. It’s a highlight reel for everyone you know. They post all the good, and none of the bad (or even “regular” for that matter). I do it too; no shame, but it’s getting tiring. My IG feed is literally full of unemployed bitches in Tulum. WTF? Maybe I’m just burnt out and cranky from working a lot, but I’m tired of logging online and seeing so much bullshit.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and an even better week. Sorry if this post was a little complain-y, but I just feel so frustrated with pop culture and social media lately. Stop flexing so hard on Instagram and enjoy your real life, not your highlight reel.

Much love,

Nicki G.

3 responses to “The Internet Is SO Exhausting”

  1. You are so right Nicki!

    Everybody’s life is perfect in social media.

    I’ve never used Instagram but Facebook is the same.

    I myself tend to over do it sometimes but others I just scroll down

    a bunch of useless and uninteresting posts.

    Love you,

    Madeleine D. Longaray, P.A.


    8360 West Flagler St. #203

    Miami, Fl 33144

    (305) 553-9801 – tel

    (305) 552-5151 – fax


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