I’m Not An Influencer

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Weird title for someone with a blog, right? First of all, hi- I know it’s been a while. I feel like I start so many of my posts with that. Writing is something that I literally love so much and I don’t dedicate nearly enough time to it. Life gets in the way, ya know?

Back to the title.

WTF, right? Well, not so much. I started writing my blog back in 2014 before I even knew what an influencer was. I remember the exact moment I decided to start it: I was at my dad’s house, drinking a nonfat white mocha latte ( I was basic then and I’m basic now) and I sat down and just started writing- on the same laptop I still use now I might add. If anyone wants to send over a new MacBook, please feel free to do so. I wrote about being excited to leave for college and how I was going to use my blog to express myself. Well, I’m ~way~ out of college and I’m still here, blogging away. I also remember some people in my high school making fun of me for starting a blog. Losers.

Like I mentioned, I didn’t make this blog to become an “influencer.” I genuinely enjoy writing and I love sharing stories of things I experience throughout my every day life. It sucks that people automatically associate the word blogger with influencer. News flash: the two are mutually exclusive. I know plenty of influencers who can’t write a paragraph, and I know plenty of bloggers who can’t take a cute photo to save their lives (cc: me). No, I don’t have all the latest clothes nor a ton of money to buy all the trendiest (and expensive) fashion. Do I invest in certain designer pieces? Of course. I like fashion, but my goal was never to be a fashion blogger. Leave me and my Prada bag alone.

I think it’s interesting to hear/read about other people’s experiences that may be similar to mine, or about things that’ll just make me laugh. Why do I have to have the coolest designer clothing and perfect Instagram picture to get my message across? It’s not my fault I’m not photogenic!! Instagram is sooooo good in so many ways, but I feel as though it makes non-fashion bloggers feel like they’re not at the same level as everyone else. You’re not better than me ’cause all your clothes are from Revolve! IMO, that’s less relatable. I’ve begun unfollowing influencers because I simply cannot relate to them. Billion dollar NYC penthouse- goals? Yes, Relatable? Not in the slightest.

Another issue that sometimes hinders me (and maybe other people, anyone?) from writing as much as I want to is the fear of accidentally offending someone in this uber-sensitive society for sharing an opinion that they don’t agree with. I fucking hate “cancel culture.” Can we cancel cancel culture or is that counterproductive? No one plans on saying something offensive, but everyone is so easily offended these days so you literally never know. You say something as trivial as you not liking ketchup, and no one wants anything to do with you because it’s offensive to ketchup that you don’t like it. It’s annoying. You have your opinions and I have mine. Let us live! Nobody’s perfect and I gotta fucking work it (Montana, H. 2008). By work it, I mean express myself by sharing my opinions on things I deem sharable. I also mean making fun of people (and myself) when they do stupid shit. Life isn’t that serious and sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves and each other. If my best friends got offended every time I made fun of them, I’d have no friends. Seriously. It’s okay though ,they love me.

Circling back to square one,

I’m not a fucking influencer. Will I promote a product/brand that I actually like if a company reaches out to me to collab? Absolutely. Will I also promote products that I buy myself and genuinely think my strong and loyal 2,000 followers should try? Hell yes. Am I going to pretend I’m super cool and trendy just for the Instagram clout? Probably, but I’m not, and that’s the reality. That’s the closest to being an influencer I’ll ever get. I have my blog to write about shit that happens to me and around me- and I hope it makes people laugh or feel like they’re not alone. Justice for non-influencers!

I hope you guys have the best weekend!

Your favorite non influencer,

Nicki G.

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