The Zillennial of It All

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HELP: I’m having an identity crisis.

Ok not really, but with my twenty-fifth (I’m not crying, you are) birthday approaching, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting- and the fact that I cannot commit to a generation is truly giving me anxiety. Before we dive into the world of Zillennials and why I can’t, shan’t, or wan’t truly identify as either a Millennial or Gen Zer (Zoomer), let me share some things I’ve reflected on about turning 25.

I have a college degree and a real adult job. Like, I go to work three days (perks of being a nurse) a week for 12+ hours and I get a paycheck every two weeks. I’m so proud of myself for that, even though it seems like that’s a requirement these days. On one hand, I’m a functioning adult and a productive member of society. On the other, I get home from work and eat an Eggo waffle, chips, and a handful of Coco Puffs for dinner (yes that was last night, leave your judgement elsewhere). I have a 403b and a savings account that I actively contribute to, and yet I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. News flash: I’m grown up. When did this happen?! While reflecting (having a quarter life crisis), I’ve come to the conclusion that like any other year, I need to take it day by day and as it comes. I don’t need to know what I want to be when I grow up (post- grad school), I just need to apply and get in. I’ll figure the rest out later. Manifesting: 25 will be the year I apply and get into a graduate nursing program.

Now, back to the identity crisis.

I don’t think I’m entirely a Millennial. There’s no way I’m that similar to someone born in the 1980’s… is there? Plus, a lot of older Millennials and their ways of thinking annoy the shit out of me. Participation ribbons? Everyone is a winner? No, you lost, you don’t get a prize. Try again next time. On the contrary, there’s not a chance that I’ll classify myself as a Zoomer; I’m not in the same generation as Jojo Siwa- there is literally no way. While there are some Zoomer things about me and my daily life, I don’t think I can fully commit to that title. This article was pretty interesting in the way it differentiated the generations starting with the Baby Boomers.

Some Gen Z slang

I remember dial up internet, but I also cannot imagine a world without wifi. I vividly remember shows like Bear In The Big Blue House, Little Bear, and The Amanda Show. The pure thought of a Scholastic Book Fair brings me joy. Do Zoomers even know about that? I can make TikToks (barely), yet I’m not up to date on any TikTok drama. What is a Hype House? Sway House? Not a clue. I try to learn a TikTok dance and by the time I learn it, there are three new ones. Charli, my girl, you’re killing me. I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire (Millennial) and Hannah Montana (Gen Z). I love Instagram, yet my roots are in AIM profiles and cultivating the most perfect AIM Away Message. Side note, that sentence would have sounded so much better if it ended with “yet my roots are in MySpace,” but my Gen X mother never let me have a MySpace. Definitely not a vibe.

Happy (early) 25th birthday to me & my existential crisis.

If you were born in 1995-1997, you’re probably having the same identity crisis that I’m having. Or you might be normal and literally not care. We are cusp babies and we will always be. They say Millennials are technologically savvy, are goal and achievement oriented, and believe respect must be earned, while Zoomers are digital natives, highly connected, and fast decision makers (I literally cannot relate with this one). I am a blended cusp child of both the Millennials and the Gen Zers and I’m proud. Plus, I think us ’95-’97 babies are the perfect children who inherited the best genes from each parent, so needless to say, us Zillennials are elite. Also, avocado toast is ours. I’m claiming it right now.

This aesthetic is supreme

To many more years of health, success, wine, and the occasional anxiety. That sentence got toxic real quick. I’m excited for this new age. While the hangovers may be worse (not sure how that’s possible), I’m optimistic that life itself will be better. I’m hoping my 25th year is filled with blessings, opportunities, and all the people I love and care about. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, and I hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday.

Much love from your favorite Zillennial,

Nicki G.

P.S. Can we talk about how rude it is of the Superbowl to crash my birthday weekend? Queue Michelle Tanner’s, “how rude!”

3 responses to “The Zillennial of It All”

  1. Your posts are always so entertaining and well written! You’ll be fine. Don’t need a label. ❤️

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  2. Haha this is so interesting, I really love the whole debate about the different generations and stereotypes of each one. I find it crazy how in like 30 years there will be kids thinking they were ‘born in the wrong generation’ and who want to live through the 2020s (scary how this could be romanticised!!)

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  3. This year WILL be filled with blessings! You are the sweetest person never change.
    Happy bday weekend Love u 4 eva!
    Gen ??? Tia Nana


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