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Say his name three times and he’ll appear shirtless at your bedroom door (just kidding, but one could only wish). Happy New Year everyone, and Happy Season 25 of The Bachelor. Last night’s episode was eventful to say the least. And can we talk about that resort they filmed in? Drop dead gorgeous. I may have woken up my boyfriend this morning by telling him I want to go on vacation to Pennsylvania. Anyway, one contestant showed up in lingerie, someone showed up with a vibrator (which is kind of gross IMO, right?), and there was a damn *wannabe* queen. What happened to getting out of the limo and saying hi like a normal person? Am I getting old or were some of these girls a bit extra? Nevertheless, they definitely made some buzz-worthy (lol) entrances.

Matt James is a total stud.

I had to start with that. His six-pack is a 12-pack and he’s literally 10 feet tall. One girl even brought a stool so she could be more at his level (I loved that) and another girl tripped while walking towards him- probably because his face distracted her and she couldn’t concentrate on her walking. Matt starts off the season premier by telling Chris Harrison that he’s never been in love and has trouble being vulnerable. He shares that his parents got divorced at a young age, and he never really had an example of true love in his home life. Side note: my parents got divorced when I was like three and I don’t think that it affected my ability to love or fall in love, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, after a nice man-to-man talk with our father, Chris Harrison, Matt was ready to meet his potential future fiancé.

Let start with Victoria, a self proclaimed queen. I don’t think I’ve ever found a contestant more annoying. You’re a grown ass woman, why are you calling yourself a queen? She was obnoxious the whole episode and was clearly wasted by the end of the Rose Ceremony. Did anyone else get the vibe that Matt didn’t want to give her the rose, but knew he had to for TV purposes?

Next up we have Serena C., AKA the girl who tripped. Apparently she tripped on purpose so she could use her line “I’m already tripping over you.” Creative? Eh. Dangerous? Totally (ok not really but whatever). Not sure how far she’ll make it, but we’ll see.

Sarah Trott is next. During the brief Meet the Contestants segment before Matt meets the women, she shares that she quit her job as a broadcast journalist to care for her dad who has ALS. She’s pretty and sweet, and I definitely see her being a fan favorite.

Ah, Rachael. One of my favorites already. She’s so sweet, super pretty, and seems like a genuinely good person. She got teary eyed and emotional when Matt started the night with a prayer, which was extremely relatable and real. Top four, I call it.

Pieper jokes with Matt that he and her already have the same last name, which is cute, I guess. She literally looks like a happy-go-lucky flower child and seems to be always smiling, and her hometown is legitimately named Happy Valley, OR.

Mari. She’s Puerto Rican and an ex-pageant girl. Need I say more?

Oh little Kit. At a young 21 years of age (me, here, 24 acting as if I’m so much older lol), she’s the youngest contestant this season. She’s a socialite and “fashion entrepreneur”. I’m already jealous of her outfits. I’m not sure how far she’ll make it, but she’ll definitely be involved in some drama.

Up next is Katie, AKA vibrator girl. She literally brought her vibrator from home and showed it to Matt as she walked out of the limo, stating it got her through some “tough times during quarantine.” You thought that was the end of it? She proceeded to have it out all night, name it, and even tapped another girl on the shoulder with it so she could “steal Matt for a sec.” Weird? Yes, but I think she’s funny and relatable.

Coming in hot, literally, is Chelsea. She’s an Atlanta-based model and somehow manages to still be beautiful with a buzz cut. Her Night One dress was absolutely gorgeous; and it really accentuated how tall she is (unlike step-stool girl). Must be nice. An easy top 5 girl.

Bri, my favorite! I’m honing in that she’s a top 3 girl. I totally loved her vibe and everything else about her! She’s so cute and it seems like her and Matt really hit it off night one. I also want to be her friend. Bri, let’s be friends.

Next we have Anna, which is a Hannah B. knock off IMO. I don’t know, but something about her doesn’t sit right with me. I will agree with her Instagram bio, though, that asks potential followers not to message her about their pyramid schemes. Same, girl.

Aw, Abigail– the recipient of Matt’s First Impression Rose. She opens up to Matt and tells him (and all of America) that she’s deaf, which sets the precedent for her conversation with Matt later in the evening. She’s genuine and seems so kind, and is the only woman who manages to kiss Matt all night. Plus, I think she’s Bachelor Nation’s first contestant with a disability! Top three front runner for sure!

Those are some of the contestants that stood out to me last night! Honorable mention to Alicia, the ballerina, and Saneh, a University of Florida grad who makes a GOAT entrance. Not to go off on a bit of a tangent, but why are they bringing in another limo with more girls next week? I totally get why they did it when Tayshia became The Bachelorette after Clare left mid season, but why are they finding the need to do it now when we have a perfectly normal season? Not a fan, Chris, not a fan. And Heather is back? In case you don’t remember, Heather was the never-been-kissed girl on Colton’s season. What the heck, guys. Send her to Paradise, not season 25. She’ll kiss plenty of people there.

My top five right now are Abigail, Chelsea, Rachael, Bri, and Sarah. Only time will tell who’ll make it that far, and I’m so excited to keep watching. Do you have similar opinions? Who are your top five? Let me know in the comments or feel free to message me on Instagram! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year, and hopefully we return to some normalcy soon!


Nicki G.

All photos taken from contestants public Instagram pages. Link to post under each photo. Header photo taken from Bustle.

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