Enough Is Enough- But Stop The Violent Riots

I have been holding back on writing a piece about this just because I didn’t know where to even begin. It may seem repetitive to some, but there will never be enough advocacy towards this subject. Staying silent is just as bad as siding with the oppressor. It’s a long post- so please bear with me as I express myself the only way I know how to. Things have to change and they have to start changing now.


I am outraged. I am furious. I am upset. I am a white-hispanic 24-year old female who grew up in Miami, Fl. My city is a melting pot of a ton of different cultures and races. Black, brown, white, and everywhere in between, we call Miami our home. My family came here from Cuba to flee from a communist dictator. When they got here, they were forced to start from scratch- many of them working minimum wage jobs when they studied to be professionals in Cuba. They faced discrimination, prejudice, and inequality- but not as bad as the black community ever has.

Throughout the last few days, hundreds of riots have taken place throughout our country to protest the injustice served to George Floyd, an African American, among many, who was unrightfully murdered by a police officer in the US. Excuse my language, but how the fuck is this still happening? It is ridiculous and absurd that innocent black people are being murdered by our law enforcement for no reason. It’s 2020- how the fuck does blatant racism still exist?

I’ve gotten the impression that some people go into law enforcement to abuse their power. It baffles me that someone who is supposed to protect us can so easily murder an innocent human being. This isn’t an “anti-cop”, “f*ck the police” statement- because as we all know- the actions of one person don’t represent the actions of all. What does upset me is how many police officers stay silent over the matter and choose to look the other way. Your coworkers, colleagues, and counterparts are breaking the law every day and you’re choosing to ignore it. Open your eyes and use your power to make a positive change in the community. Defend the lives of those wrongfully murdered by people in uniform. Stand up for what is right.


With all that being said, I also have to say that I am so upset with the riots that have taken place. WTF, guys? I am ALL for protesting. I think a lot of important and necessary changes in our country (and the world) have come out of people going out and protesting for what’s right. What I don’t think is right is the violent riots, fires, and looting that has been taking place. What are you all thinking? How is lighting a car on fire going to prove anything? How is robbing from a business that has most likely struggled these past few months due to the global pandemic going to fix racism? News flash: it’s not. Violence is not fixed with more violence. Like our moms taught us when we were little: two wrongs don’t make a right.

I understand that you are upset, infuriated, and tired of a repetitive cycle.

I am too. No one likes waking up in the morning and reading that yet another person was killed due to police brutality. It has to stop. But violence, looting, and non-peaceful rioting is not going to solve the problem. There have to be other ways to raise awareness and ignite change. I felt so sad when I saw the city I grew up in being destroyed by people last night… police cars on fire, windows being smashed, and more innocent people being hurt for no reason. Protest with peace. Protest to make a difference. These violent and aggressive riots are not the answer. I understand you are mad- pissed the fuck off to be more real, but taking your anger out on your city and destroying it is counterproductive.

Video from @bosserosas Instagram Story on 5/30/2020. Permission granted to use video. 

Use your anger to make an actual difference. Peacefully protest. Sign petitions. Join committees. Become an activist for this movement. Black lives matter- now and always. Become a leader in your community and inspire others around you who may struggle in expressing themselves to join you. There isn’t a quick fix to this massive problem and it’s going to take time and effort to fix. Do your part and contribute to making this a better world. Let us not forget that there is still a global pandemic going on that is killing hundreds of people a day. We don’t need more senseless tragedies going on. Use your anger and passion and do something positive with it.

Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot  drive out of darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out of hate, only love can do that.”

Rest In Peace George Floyd. Rest In Peace every single black person who has been unrightfully murdered. Go to justiceforbigfloyd.com and fill out the petition. Text “FLOYD” to 55156 to demand justice. Don’t ignore something because it makes you uncomfortable.


Nicki G.

Featured image from @brandychieco



11 responses to “Enough Is Enough- But Stop The Violent Riots”

  1. If you payed any attention in your history class, you would remember that despite peaceful protesting MLK was murdered by a white supremacist and he was hated by a large number of white people in the community. Peaceful protesting and nonviolent cooperation clearly has not worked. Even though you don’t specifically say that black people are the only ones looting and causing the riots, you know for a fact you are alluding to their involvement. You can’t post about being with the black community and being for justice, while still condemning these people for using more aggressive means to reach a goal that clearly can’t be reached through peaceful protest. As I recall didn’t you write an entire blog post about Beyoncé being a racist once upon a time? Since you claim you did your research why don’t you try and speak to more poc and educate yourself some more on why these people are angry and feel the need to use force to get shit done.


    • I’ve never posted anything about Beyoncé, so you must be confusing me with someone else. I am not alluding to black people being involved with the violent protest, you’re choosing to interpret my post as that. I never said that nor do I mean that. I don’t agree with violence or aggression to get a point across- whether the people are black, white, brown, or anywhere in between. You’re finding any excuse to take what I said in a negative way. If we don’t speak up, we’re siding with the oppressors, and if we do, people find something to ridicule. Nothing I said in my post was offensive toward anyone- in fact, I often mention that change needs to be ignited and something needs to be done. Please re read my post, check your facts, and shut up because nothing you said makes any sense nor is it true. Have a great day!

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      • I think it was called Swarming out of the Beyhive, and I quote “I can’t continue to be utterly obsessed with a woman who has been so controversial lately, and frankly racist.” Was that not you? No confusion here. The fact that you don’t see the need for aggression or violence to get this point across shows your privilege. “Adulting is soOoOoO hard” as the privileged white girl sits in front of her brand new BMW. It is hard….for poor people and poc. My facts are pretty accurate. Are yours?


      • They are, I don’t feel bad for working for any of my accomplishments, and you won’t make me feel bad for them. I am not racist for having an opinion. Just because I am not obsessed with a specific artist doesn’t make me racist. Since when does that define racism? You’re finding reasons to hate on me on no real premises. I am all for being passionate and protesting for the black lives matter movement- I strongly stand behind it. But I don’t think violent protests are the answer and nothing you say, or choose to insult me with lol, is going to change my mind.

        I don’t feel bad about sitting in front of my brand new BMW, a car that I worked for and earned after working in my new career that I went to school for and studied for. This has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned issues. You’re nitpicking small details from my life that have nothing to do with this situation. If my life bothers you so much, please gracefully unfollow, no one will be offended. You seem to be unhappy with many aspects of your life and it shows.

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      • “I can’t feel the same about an artist that thinks less of me because I am white.” I mean I’m just utterly shocked you try to deny something that’s posted on the internet for the world to see.


      • You just said you never posted anything about Beyoncé though? Now I’m confused. No one is putting you down for working towards your goals and getting a car. You’re choosing to interpret my post in that way. The caption does seem slightly insensitive to those who don’t have the same privilege as you. Adulting is hard for a lot of people who don’t get to live at home and have rich families who support them. I’m sorry you don’t believe your opinion will ever change. Im sure a lot of other white people feel the same.

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    • Hii. Just wanted to jump on here and say, Nicki doesn’t need to defend herself for her opinions, or her possessions for that matter. If you have a problem with her life, kindly do not involve yourself in it. You can’t have an opinion about her personal life (her family, living situation, the car she drives) because the only thing you see is what she chooses to share- and she doesn’t need to explain any of these matters to you. So while you can disagree with her position on the situation at hand, what this post was about, you can’t say her opinion is wrong nor can you bring in random irrelevant information to try to pin her as a “bad guy”.

      Love this post Nicki- the violence must end. All of it, regardless of skin color, it is not the answer!

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      • Hi Naty! Thank you so much for jumping in and making it so much more clear for me. I totally understand now that this post doesn’t come from a place of privilege! ❤️


  2. This is incredibly tone deaf. Did you not pay attention in your history classes? Do you not understand that this form of violence is a grain of salt to what the black community faces DAILY? You know what real violence is, a system built on white supremacy – a system that leaves people feeling so fed up that this is the length they feel they have to go to.

    ALSO, read up on who is instigating these acts because the looting and violence has been shown to be instigated by an over militarized police force and white looters who are trying to give this movement a bad name.

    You are not a black person. You cannot and should not speak on behalf of a community that is feeling angry, hurt, traumatized, and helpless.

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    • Thanks for your feedback. I never said I was speaking on behalf of any black person. As I stated, these are MY feelings and thoughts. I’m allowed to express myself on my blog just like anyone else is allowed to express themselves on a platform of their choosing. It’s not tone deaf, it’s my opinion.

      I never once downplayed any violence that black people have faced- in fact I state multiple times that the injustice they face on a daily basis is wrong and unacceptable. I am aware that some people are instigating the violent riots that aren’t even protestors. Again, I never say in my post that it is black people who are being violent. I simply state that the violence- no matter who it’s coming from- needs to stop.

      I am very aware of what is going on and I do my research before posting things. I am not speaking on behalf of any person other than myself, so take your negativity and aggression elsewhere.

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