Staying Sane During This Quarantine

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you’ve all been well during these weird times. Who would have ever thought that we’d be a part of something this insane during our lifetime? Definitely not me. I pray that you’re staying healthy, staying safe, and staying home. We’re blessed that all we’re asked to do during these scary times is to stay home and avoid socializing with people… it could be worse- right? We could all be getting drafted to fight in some sort of a third World War. I’ll more than gladly choose staying in (on my couch) over that.

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All jokes aside, I can’t stress it enough how important it is to just stay home and do nothing. Granted, I don’t mean do nothing at home (do it all!), I just mean avoid going out in public- not only to protect yourself and whoever lives at home with you, but to protect anyone who may be around you from you. As we’ve learned, we can carry (and spread) this disease before we even have any symptoms. In other words, you may feel fine but still have the ability to infect everyone around you. Scary, right?

Since we’re all stuck at home with nowhere to go (besides our essential workers, shout out to you all), I thought I’d put together a little list of things you can do to keep yourself sane. I know things can get repetitive when you’re confined to your home, so maybe some of these activities will help you keep your sanity. If you lose that, you won’t make it out of this quarantine alive. Or maybe you will, but you’ll forever be known as the girl-who-went-crazy-during-quarantine. Do you want that nickname? Didn’t think so.

  1. Exercise
  2. Go in your pool
  3. Walk outside
  4. Paint something
  5. Create content for your blog/website/YouTube channel
  6. Call/FaceTime your friends/family
  7. Puzzles (just bought some from here– they’re so cute!)
  8. Board games
  9. At-home happy hour
  10. Walk your dog
  11. Journal
  12. Organize your drawers
  13. Clean out your closet
  14. Try new recipes
  15. Start a new show
  16. Read a book
  17. Online shop (this one is dangerous, but I love a good thrill)
  18. Listen to new music
  19. Find a creative outlet
  20. Get your WFH work done
Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 1.17.26 PM
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I know some of these things might sound played-out and simple, but I think times like this call for exactly that- simplicity. In no way are these times lighthearted or happy, but the best thing we can do is to try and see some sort of light from this. Yes- people are dying and getting sick and it flat out sucks. One of the only things we have the power to do is stay home and be positive. Positive energy and thoughts can help us get through this without losing our minds.

Some key things to remember:

Exercise (even something simple like a brisk walk) helps boost your immune system. Drink your Vitamin C. Stay hydrated. Wash your hands. Disinfect your counters and doorknobs. Don’t make daily grocery store runs just to “do something.” Limit your exposure to the outside world. Help those who can’t stay home by staying in.


Thank you to my fellow healthcare workers and first responders. Thank you government officials and journalists who are working hard every day to inform us with the latest news updates. Thank you grocery store employees. Thank you delivery drivers. Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who had to make major adjustments to their school year. Thank you to all the companies who shifted their usual productions and began making masks and other PPE for their local communities. Even in the darkest of times, we have to remember to give thanks to those who are going above and beyond to help us get out of this as quickly as possible.

Remember how blessed you are each day and stay grateful. Sometimes the simple things are what matter most. Choose to see the light in something that seems dark. No matter how shitty things may feel, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Kisses (through my mask),

Nicki G.

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