So I Threw A Super Bowl Party

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Does this bitch know anything about football? The answer to that my friends is a hard no. What I do know a lot about is wine- so when BABE wine asked me to throw a Super Bowl party sponsored by their super cute (and delicious) canned wine, I couldn’t say no. I immediately texted my closest friends and made sure they’d be at my house for the big game. What else were they going to do, anyway? Once all my party merch arrived at my front door, I was so fucking excited. I literally had never been so hyped for a football game, like ever.


Throwing a party is easy when you have a bunch of cute pink shit to decorate with. BABE sent me everything- from baseball caps, to jerseys, to cups. It was so cute. Plus, I was excited to have all my friends try this bubbly canned wine. Canned wine is typically associated with being gross, so I couldn’t wait to serve a tasty, easy to drink, bubbly wine that I’ve loved for years. All my friends had a great time (even the guys… and if they didn’t, they sure seemed to love the rosé) and my party was a huge success. We ate wings, drank bubbly, and cheered on the two teams playing in the game: J-LO and Shakira. Side note: let’s remind ourselves that J-LO is fifty years old. Fifty. 5-0. Ok, just making sure everybody understands that.


Although I don’t really understand the great American game of football, I do understand what it stands for: appetizers, drinking with my friends, and a kick ass musical performance (in this case). Maybe I’ll start throwing watch parties for every football game (lol kidding, but it’s a thought). Who knows, I may end up being a football fanatic. I had such a fun time making football cute with the help of BABE wine. Go sports!

Xoxo from your cutest football “fan”,

Nicki G.

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