Mean Girls: How to Handle The Bitchy Girl In Your Life

We all have one. Someone at school or work who’s just a flat out bitchNow, let me clarify one thing. I don’t mean your best friend who’s sometimes a bitch but who is actually a good, decent person (because let’s face it, we can all be bitches sometimes). I mean the girl who is genuinely not a good person, and goes out of her way to be mean for no apparent reason. Some call it a bully, I like to call it a jealous bitch.

Speaking from experience, these girls are usually jealous about something and are too insecure to be mature and just let it go. Insecurity breeds bitchiness. It’s science. Why else would girls do things like make fake Instagram accounts to spread rumors to your boyfriend? Not kidding, that recently happened to a friend of mine.

Moral of the story: everyone has a mean girl in their life.

Whether it’s at school, work, or anywhere in between, there she is- being a bitch. Here’s my advice on how to handle her.

1. Kill her with kindness. Let’s not mistake this with being fake. You don’t have to invite her over your place for wine or text her on your days off to see how she’s doing. When you’re at work, shoot her a smile when you clock in and treat her how you’d treat the rest of your co workers. If she actually doesn’t like you, this will drive her crazy.

2. Ignore her psychotic antics.  When someone tells you she was being ~crazy~ and doing some insane shit to try and upset you, ignore it (as long as it isn’t affecting you professionally, though). If she’s just being immature and acting like a baby, let her be one. When she realizes it doesn’t affect you and you’re not bothered, she’ll feel dumb.

3. Don’t Talk Shit. By this I mean don’t sit in your break room and bash her without paying attention to who’s around. Although you may find it difficult to believe, she might actually have some friends and they may be sitting right next to you. If you need to vent (which I know you will), find a friend outside of work or a co-worker who is on the same boat. If it comes down to talking to someone at work, avoid mentioning names until you’re sure about where they stand with that person.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be people in your life who are threatened by you and choose to bully you instead of just ignoring you or “staying in their lane.” As I mentioned before, if it isn’t affecting you professionally (or your sanity), ignore her. If it becomes an actual issue, talk to your supervisor or someone in HR. There’s no time for workplace bullying.

Hopefully you don’t have a mean girl in your life, and if you do, I hope this helps you deal with her. I know firsthand how annoying it is to have someone at work who acts nice to your face, but goes behind your back to talk crap or ruin your shift. Remind yourself of how smart and successful you are, take a deep breath, and go on with your day. These mean girls are not worth our time or energy.

Much love,

Nice Girl Nicki

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