On Wednesdays We Blog

Happy Hump Day!

We’re already halfway through the week.

Look at that, you’ve made it! In just a few short days, the long anticipated Friday will grace us with its presence and we’ll all be headed to happy hour. Stay motivated! It’ll be here faster than you can say, “You can’t sit with us.”


Is anyone else shocked that we’re already in June? Time has flown by and the rest of the year is only going to fly by faster. Have you stayed on track with your New Year’s resolution(s)? Have you reached any personal or professional goals you’ve set for yourself? We’re halfway through this amazing year, so I think it’s safe to take a few steps back and reflect a little. I’ve personally accomplished so much in 2019, from passing my boards to getting a job on a cardiac floor- a specialty I’ve always been passionate about. There’s still so much left for me to learn in my new career, and I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the year and just go for it.

One of my favorite quotes to think about when I self reflect is one that stuck with me the moment I saw it on my mom’s desk in her office when I was a little girl.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Whenever I find myself thinking, “Can I actually do this?,” I remind myself that I can and that it’s ok if I mess up. Failure isn’t failure if you learn from it and become better. I oftentimes find myself overthinking (don’t we all?) and worrying about the day I’m on my own for the first time on my unit, handling the lives of multiple patients all by myself. It’s a scary thought! Taking a moment to realize that every nurse has been in this position and that I’ll have support from my coworkers calms me down again (a little). How are you going to overcome the obstacles awaiting you the rest of this year?

I challenge you to take this lovely first Wednesday of June and take a few moments to reflect on the last five months. Jot down everything you’ve accomplished, including the little things. Make a note, physical or mental, of everything you’re on your way to accomplishing, too. Before you know it, you’ll be scratching them off your list (or highlighting like I like to do) and feeling relieved and satisfied. We don’t have to have our lives perfectly together, but every day is a chance to work toward our goals. It’s ok to fall behind and have some setbacks (it’s called life, lol), as long as we keep reminding ourselves what the final picture is. Whether it’s a deadline, a dream job, or graduating, keep aiming and working towards it. The satisfaction of achieving what you’ve worked so hard for is like none other.

Be resilient and stay motivated. 2019 is still going strong.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday & rest of the week. Go to happy hour on Friday (I obviously am) or stay in and just relax. We’re reaching the middle of the year and it’s about to be grind time.

Much love,

Nicki G.


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  1. Love it Nicki. Excellent reflection.

    Madeleine D. Longaray, P.A.


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