Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Bachelor Season Finale

let's talk about the bachelor finale

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I know you’ve probably seen/read/heard a ton about it already, so I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon and add to it- ’cause why not? Believe it or not, this was the first season of any Bachelor-franchise show I’ve ever watched in its entirety. Yes, I’ve always kept up with who was currently on and seen a few episodes here and there, but I never got around to actually watching a season for myself. I guess I chose a good one, because it had the most dramatic ending in Bachelor history. Did you read that in Chris Harrison’s voice? That’s how I intended it to sound.

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I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it was definitely a different twist on your usual Bachelor endings. Typically, the season would end with the bachelor proposing to one of the last two women on the show. As we know from watching this season finale, that didn’t quite happen. After many ups and downs (and a Fantasy Suite visit later), Colton and Cassie decided to just take each day in their relationship as it came. The result? A very much in love couple that I see us being very obsessed with.

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I personally think they’re really cute together. I loved Cassie right off the bat, and knew her and Colton had a connection from the very beginning. Did they hit some bumps along the road? Of course they did. How do you expect them not to on an eight (ish?) week journey? Moreover, her dad didn’t really help clear her thoughts when she was having second thoughts. I think she really liked him and had great chemistry with him, and she just freaked out once the end was getting closer. She didn’t feel as far along as some of the other women did, so she backed out (or intended to) to avoid hurting Colton. I’ll be the first to admit that I got annoyed with Cassie during the last few episodes, but I think it all made sense in the end. Once he showed her that he really was all-in for her and their relationship (fence jump and all), she became more confident in what their love story could unfold into and allowed herself to go with the flow of things.

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Am I super hurt for Hannah G.? 100%. Her reaction to him breaking up with her was so genuine and you could really tell how heartbroken she was. I was also a Hannah G. supporter since day one. My top three were Hannah G., Cassie, and Caelynn, so I think 2/3 is pretty good for a first-timer. I hope Hannah G. and Caelynn find a man that gives them everything they deserve and more. Colton wasn’t for them, and I’m sure they’ll be grateful eventually if they already aren’t. Side-note: Tayshia’s reaction seemed forced, and I didn’t like them together. She’s a snooze-fest and a half and I really don’t know how she made it to the top three. Wish her the best though!

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Hannah Beast is our next Bachelorette, y’all!

To end this lovely post, I’m actually excited that Hannah B. is going to be our next Bachelorette. I found her extremely annoying throughout the season (queue rawr-ing flashbacks), but I do realize that production has a lot to do with what we see and how we see it. She’s beautiful, fun, and seems quirky and nervous- which are real-life emotions that reality TV sometimes spares us from. Watching her on the Women Tell All episode last week really changed how I felt about her (#LoveFiercely am I right?!) Do I hope she gets better at forming sentences and making toasts? Yes, but with Chris Harrison, anything is possible. I also thought her spur-of-the-moment Rose Ceremony was funny- I can’t wait to see what the season brings. I’m guessing it’ll be the most dramatic season in Bachelorette history?

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We can finally stop talking about Colton’s virginity (thank the Lord) and we can all sleep peacefully knowing why the fence was jumped. Here’s to a fun season of The Bachelorette with Hannah B. as our bachelorette and to more hot guys we can soon follow on Instagram. We got a sneak peak of her first five men today (Luke #1, if it doesn’t work out with Hannah, feel free to slide into my DMs), and I can’t wait to meet the rest!

Happy Wednesday ladies (& gents if any of you made it this far) and keep kicking ass like I know you all do.

The newest member of #BachelorNation,

Nicki G.

P.S. I have a huge feeling Demi is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise (don’t we all) and I am so damn excited. Love that girl.

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