Another Post About Hating Valentine’s Day Cause There Can Never Be Too Many

Yes, it’s me being salty again on this dreadful day that graces us with its presence every year. Will I ever stop? Who knows. I guess when I’m lucky enough to find an ~amazing~ bae to spend this shitty day with is when we’ll find out. For now? More bitching.

It’s not that I’m not happy for people celebrating their love (ewwww) today, it just totally sucks having a whole day reminding you how single you are… as if I don’t already get enough of that from my grandma.

Sad is a loose term, I prefer “annoyed”

Do I want a boyfriend? Or do I just want a Cartier Love Bracelet… I can’t seem to tell the difference. Kidding (or am I?). On a real note, I guess everyone wants to be in love. When it happens, it’ll happen. Que sera, sera. For now, I’ll stick to focusing on my new career, expressing myself on here more often, and having fun with my true soulmates, my best friends. Oh, and wine. Definitely wine.


If you’re spending this lovely February 14th alone like me, remember to give yourself all the love that you deserve. Wake up early and have a yummy breakfast filled with nutrients to give you energy for the day. Try a new workout class (I’ll be at Soul Cycle!). Treat yourself to lunch. Or screw everything I just said and sleep in till noon. Whatever you want, do it. We always remind everyone else how much we love them on this day, but oftentimes forget to remind ourselves. Bump Ariana Grande’s new album and have a kick ass day, single or not. If she can handle being single tomorrow, we all can.

OK seriously?! Do I want a boyfriend or this puppy?! (I think puppy)

Happy Valentine’s Day, & tons of kisses from your favorite single blogger,

Nicki G.

P.S. Click here to check out last year’s post on how to survive today. Some of us might need the tips.

*feature image from @themayfairgroup*

5 responses to “Another Post About Hating Valentine’s Day Cause There Can Never Be Too Many”

  1. Haha this is cute! Remember there are millions of people who are single & it’s always better to be alone & have peace than to be with the wrong guy! Love you! ❤️

    Adriana Cataño Twitter @catanoofficial Facebook @catanoofficial Instagram @adrianacatanoofficial 786-269-6107


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  2. You are an awesome person and some of us find our special guy later than others. Meanwhile, just enjoy your life and everything good that you have going for you. ❤️❤️❤️

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