Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

Throw away your whitening strips and get ready for this! I teamed up with Smile Brilliant, an amazing teeth whitening system to finally get the pearly whites I deserve. I’m a huge coffee and red wine drinker, so stained teeth has always been an issue for me. After discovering Smile Brilliant, my smile is forever changed!


This three step process works better than any whitening strips I’ve tried. After purchasing your teeth whitening kit, your kit gets sent to you. It comes with directions on how to make your mold (it’s easy-trust me), and an envelope to send it back to the lab. After a few weeks, your personalized whitening trays are back in your hands & you’re ready to get started!

Depending on which kit you purchase, your kit comes with whitening gel & desensitizing gel. I found that whitening for 1-2 hours every other day was best for my teeth. I didn’t even have to use the desensitizing gel every time.


I definitely recommend using this whitening kit over any strips if you’re looking for a brighter smile! It’s personalized, easy, and works wonders! I literally feel like Chip Skylark every time I smile *queue My Shiny Teeth and Me*

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.12.07 AM


Smile bright,

Nicki G.

P.S. Surprise! I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to have giveaway for you guys! You can now have the chance to win your OWN whitening kit! Click here to enter. The winner will be selected and contacted in two weeks. This giveaway is open to all US, UK, Canada, and Australian entires. The giveaway value is a $149 credit toward whitening kits. Must submit name and email address on giveaway page.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t win, use my code “nickiguerra” for 10% off your purchase from Smile Brilliant.

Giveaway link:

Home Teeth Whitening

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