An Open Letter to the Sun From Miami

I’m a little nervous writing this, but it has to be done. Seeing you today for the first time in so long took me back to all the good times we’ve shared.

Remember these bright, beautiful times?

So hi. How have you been?

Every day without you was hard, and I was starting to get used to life without you. My rain boots stayed by the door, and getting wet while closing my umbrella became a part of my daily routine.

You returning gave me hope that this could actually work out.

Maybe you’ll stay? Even if it’s just for a few days. We deserve it, don’t we? What did we do to upset you and have you leave for so long? On behalf of Miami, I promise we’ll stop doing anything that may be upsetting you. Was it the Heat not moving forward in the Playoffs? Are we eating too many croquetas (seriously, how many is too many)? Are there too many Pinecrest Bakeries opening up? Are you annoyed by everyone coming home from college? We’ll send them back!! Just stay with us for the summer… I’m begging you. Too long? Fine, you can leave for a few days, but not for as long as you left this time. It isn’t fair.

So much sun, so much fun

I swear, you leaving us out of nowhere like this has been bad. Everything has been grey (talk about DEPRESSING), and when you came back today, the slightest bit of your rays brightened up all of our hearts. I’m literally not even being dramatic.

What am I getting at?

Sun, if you’re reading this, stop f*cking leaving Miami. Miami cannot function without you. The crazies come out when there’s a full moon? Yeah right. The Miami crazies come out when we’re without you for such a long period of time. I swear this week without you was mildly depressing. Don’t do this to us. We’ll be good. We’ll stop posting pictures at the beach captioned, “We live where you vacay.” It’s a façade. We live in Kendall and everyone knows it.

Beautiful, bright, shining sun, I- along with all of Miami- really missed you. If today was just a tease and you really are leaving again, that’s really f*cked up.

No one looks this good in the rain!


Nicki G (and all of Miami)

P.S. I’m pale, in need of a tan, and need good selfie lighting. Stop being so selfish and come back to Miami where you belong.

Are you f*cking serious?

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