Hotel Chantelle

Good Morning, beauties! How are you? Good? Great! I know I’ve been slightly MIA & I’m so sorry about that. School & work have been getting the best of me- and it hasn’t been  fun.

I wanted to share my thoughts on this fabulous restaurant in New York where I had the privilege of having brunch. Hotel Chantelle is a chic, rooftop restaurant in the heart of Soho that has a delicious menu. It was hard to pick whether to eat there for breakfast or lunch, so we naturally settled for brunch.


Since it was a little cold when we ate at this adorable rooftop (a little cold meaning upper 30 degrees), the roof was closed… but that didn’t take away from the experience! We arrived for our 12:30 p.m. reservation on time and were seated shortly after. There was a ’40s style band playing while we ate which made the experience so much cuter. Now’s when the stress began: what do we order when literally everything on the menu looks to-die-for. Bolding necessary. AND to top it off, brunch cocktails were extremely discounted (I’m talking $4-$6) when a brunch entree was ordered!!

We had a cup of coffee (to cure our hangovers) & started with mimosas. My friend and I decided to order two things and share them both. I ordered the breakfast pizza, and she ordered the Frosted Flake crusted french toast. Mouthwatering pics below.

Don’t you want to just D I E. Ok, maybe not… but seriously, how good do these look?

Our experience at Hotel Chantelle was so amazing and I can’t wait to go back the next time I’m in NYC. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant if you’re ever in town. You’ll have a wonderful experience and won’t be disappointed. It’s less mainstream than the usual spots like NoMo, and probably just as good (if not better).

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!

Nicki G.

4 responses to “Hotel Chantelle”

  1. Looks like the French toasts are magnificent, I will have to try them. By the way you have a very nice blog. Keep it up.


  2. As usual, very entertaining and informative.

    Love you

    Madeleine D. Longaray, P.A.


    8360 West Flagler St. #203

    Miami, Fl 33144

    (305) 553-9801 – tel

    (305) 552-5151 – fax

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