It’s Almost Friday! A Quick Reflection

Happy Friday Eve, folks! I know- it’s horrible to spend your weeks looking forward to the weekend, but sometimes that’s what keeps me motivated! My weekends are usually filled with work (I work at a boutique part-time), but I still get to sleep in past 7 a.m.- which is what I look forward to most. I’m a sleepy girl in a busy world!

As most of you know, I turned 22 last week (seriously, where’s my retirement plan?). For some reason, I’ve had so many different feelings and emotions running through me these last couple of days. I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday with most of my friends & I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. But I guess with everything that happened in Parkland, I’ve been reflecting on life a little more than usual.

I made a list of resolutions when I got back to Miami from Spain to try and keep this year. Among those are loving myself, getting back into a strict workout routine, being more present, and being less materialistic. Life is short and we don’t know when our last day on this beautiful, big, green planet is. A lot of us take each day for granted (i.e. going through the week awaiting Friday), and it’s super important we wake up each morning and live each day like it’s Friday. Just don’t go to happy hour every day, ’cause that’ll really make your week unproductive.

Another thought that’s been going through my mind is the importance of friendship and being a good friend. Sometimes, a good friend is all we have. Don’t end a friendship because your longtime best friend has suddenly gotten busy and doesn’t text you every day. Some of my best friends are girls I met in high school that I only see a few times a year. It’s not how much you see or hang out with or talk to someone that matters- it’s the type of friend you are to them & they are to you.

Quick tips on being a good friend, in case you’ve forgotten:

Don’t lie to them

Don’t get upset when a friend can’t hang out every weekend

Make sure the effort is mutual

Don’t talk behind their back

Don’t dump a friendship when you start dating someone

Be there when they need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to

These are just some obvious friendship tips I tend to follow. I consider myself a really good friend, & hopefully you do to! If there are people in your life who call themselves your “friends” but only seem to bring around negativity in your life, it may be time to say bye. Seriously. Cut out people who don’t deserve you & make room for new friendships to bloom!

I seem to be rambling in this post- but sometimes a girls gotta ramble and my way of doing that is through my blog. So if you’re still reading down here- thanks for reading! 21 was an amazing year for me filled with so much fun, traveling, and new experiences. All I can hope for (and work towards) is 22 being just as fabulous- or even better!

Enjoy today & every day,

Nicki G.

P.S. I chose the featured image because I look so happy (and was) & had such a fun time at the Museum of Ice Cream! Click here to find out how that went!

2 responses to “It’s Almost Friday! A Quick Reflection”

  1. Love your blog as usual.

    You deserve the best!!!!

    Madeleine D. Longaray, P.A.


    8360 West Flagler St. #203

    Miami, Fl 33144

    (305) 553-9801 – tel

    (305) 552-5151 – fax


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