So I Went To The Museum of Ice Cream

And it was so worth the hype. Seriously. It was an Instagrammer’s heaven; a child’s dream come true. There was so much pink everywhere that I didn’t know what to do with myself, and so much ice cream that I may now be diabetic.

My friends and I bought our tickets about three weeks ago- and thank God we did ’cause it’s sold out until January. We got there at noon, which was good in the sense that we avoided rush hour traffic, but bad because there were way too many kids. This wasn’t an issue until we got to the Sprinkle Pool, but I’ll get to that later.


I definitely recommend trying to get tickets if you live in Miami or will be in Miami between now and February. This pop-up museum is fun, fabulous, and something new and refreshing to do! I don’t want to give so many details about it to avoid spoiling the experience for anyone. It was fun going in not knowing exactly what to expect! All I’ll tell you is that snacks are included, and there’s way more to it than the infamous Sprinkle Pool. And you will leave with sprinkles everywhere…yes, everywhere.

True Story

Advice: If you’re going with hopes of getting a cute picture in the sprinkle pool, you better be absolutely photogenic/beautiful, prepared to kick out/fight small children from your picture zone, and good under pressure. Seriously, the Sprinkle Pool is a timed exhibit. Yeah, #boo, I know.



I got a decent picture, and whether or not the pictures came out cute or not, it was a fun experience with my best friends. Go with your best girl friends, your little sibling, or literally anyone down to have a good time.


Stay Sweet,

Nicki G.

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