Rock Your Graphic Tee (No Pun Intended)

rock your favorite graphic tee

Graphic tees are fun. They’re cheap (usually), quick to throw on, and give people a sense of your personality. You don’t necessarily have to save them for a day spent on campus or running errands, though. It’s easy to grab your favorite graphic tee and incorporate it into your night’s outfit.

Make sure your T-shirt identifies with who you are.

Don’t wear a band tee if you can’t even name one of their songs. That’s tacky. Someone is bound to come up to you with a random fact about the band, and you’ll be forced to smile awkwardly and act like you know what they’re talking about. Avoid that. Don’t be a poser, be you. You rock.

If your T-shirt is a big men size like mine was, start by cutting the bottom to make it fit a little better. More cropped-tee, less T-shirt dress. Plus, the edges roll up after you cut it, which adds a fun touch.


Add some cute jewelry, like this Forever 21 choker set.


Make sure your bottom has cute details, like a small embroidery or some studs. My go-to denim shorts are some I found at Zara last summer.


My TopShop denim jacket is a staple piece in a lot of my outfits. It’s distressed, oversized, and f*&%ing awesome.


Not pictured are my Tory Burch rain boots. They’re ankle height, and perfect for Miami’s rainy days. Throw your hair into a messy bun (another Nicki G. signature look) and head out. The messy bun keeps your hair from frizzing and also adds some natural waves when you decide to take it down.

Add some quick makeup before you go.

Lately, my lipstick of choice has been Tarte’s quick dry matte lip paint in the shade Festival. It’s a beautiful nude-mauve shade that tends to look great on a variety of skin tones.

There you have it! Your once casual-tee is now ready to be worn for a night out with the girls. Anything can be dressed up if you want it to… it just takes a bit of accessorizing and creativity!

Love always,

Nicki G.

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