Up Your Lunch Game

up your lunch game


A lot of us have long work/school days and don’t have time to go home for lunch. This then leads to A) spending money and eating lunch out (and chances are, it won’t be  healthy), or B) taking our lunch with us to school/work. I try to take my lunch with me when I know I won’t have time to come home between classes, or when I have long clinical days at the hospital. Bringing my lunch from home saves money, and I get to decide what I eat and make sure it’s healthy.

Step up your lunch game with a cute lunchbox.

It’s that simple! Invest in a trendy lunch bag, and you’ll be even more inspired to take your lunch to school/work. Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters have adorable lunch boxes, but they can be a little pricey. Amazon also has a really good selection, just make sure you search for “trendy lunchboxes” and not “cute lunchboxes”- the word cute brings in weird dog and cat printed bags. Ew.


My kick ass lunch bag is from Fluf, an organic textile brand. This Girl Power classic lunch bag supports Plan InternationalBecause I am a Girl, organizations that empower and support young girls with quality education and the tools needed to succeed, by donating $1 from the purchase of each bag to these organizations. Read more about this project here.  These bags are also made from 100% organic cotton!

Lined interior

Ditch the paper bags and get yourself a lunchbox! Take it back to your elementary school days, minus the Lunchables. Having a reusable lunch bag is eco-friendly and a cute one adds an extra bit of oomph to your day!

Have a nice lunch,

Nicki G.


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